Third Party Liability Services

Start Date: Oct 02, 2020 @ 01:45 PM ET

End Date: Dec 01, 2020 @ 05:00 PM ET

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Gary Craft 404/656-2287     GARY.CRAFT@DOAS.GA.GOV    404/656-2287


Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-5-51(1), the Georgia Department of Administrative Services ("DOAS") maintains the power and authority to canvass all sources of supply and to contract for the lease, rental, purchase, or other acquisition of supplies, materials, equipment, and services required by the state government and any of its offices, agencies, departments, boards, bureaus, commissions, institutions, and other entities of the state under competitive bidding. The State of Georgia is a member of the National Association of State Procurement Officials ("NASPO") and participates in NASPO ValuePoint, NASPO's cooperative purchasing program. As permitted under O.C.G.A.50-5-51(9), DOAS has entered into an agreement with NASPO ValuePoint to serve as Lead State for the procurement of Third Party Liability Services. Georgia has partnered with the following states on this solicitation as a part of the NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing program: Louisiana, Missouri, Montana and Rhode Island. Additionally, we have received Intents to Participate (ITPs) from the following states: Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. NASPO ValuePoint is not a party to this Master Agreement; however, NASPO ValuePoint will be involved in contract administration as provided in this Master Agreement. The Request for Proposal ("RFP") is issued by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services for the purposes of awarding master agreement(s) to one or more suppliers to obtain services of suppliers to administer the cost avoidance and post-payment recovery and recoupment efforts necessary to develop and pursue viable third-party resources for payments made on behalf of Medicaid and SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) members to Participating Entities as further specified in Participation Agreements. The specific services to be procured pursuant to the RFP are TPL Recovery Services, TPL Commercial Recoupment Services, TPL Hosp

NIGP Codes

Code Description
91821 Business Consulting
91832 Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
91878 Medical Consulting
94610 Accounting and Billing Services, Including Payroll Services, 3rd Party Reimbursement for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, etc.
95001 Administrative Cost Recovery.
96116 Claims Processing Services

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