The New Georgia Procurement Registry

Deletion of Records  

  In order to continue to maintain Georgia Procurement Registry system performance, it has become necessary for DOAS to delete obsolete content.  State Records Retention Schedule GASC-01-004 “Bids and Competitive Selection Records” provides a records retention schedule of 11 years for Capital Improvement Projects and for 7 years for all other records included in the series.  In compliance with that schedule, Effective 04/03/2017, all bids with a date (Awarded/ Last Modified) on or before 06-30-2004 will be deleted from the GPR database.  Deleted bids cannot be recovered.  In the event that a posting entity currently maintains a contract resulting from a procurement with a date (Awarded/Last Modified) on or before 06-30-2004, posting entities may need to preserve a print-out from the GPR and a copy of the documents that were posted in their own contract files (for example, if a grant requires preservation of such information). If you need access to any bids that occurred prior to 6-30-2004, you must request an archival copy by 03/20/2017 by contacting Records Management with an Open Records Request.  You will not incur any costs for these requests.

Follow below directions to get your agency list of bids via GRP:

Login to GPR> Posting Bid Notices and Documents> Bid Processing> Agency Bid Search> (Select date range) > Search

(*System will allow to export the results to excel)