The New Georgia Procurement Registry

Automatic change in status for bids that closed prior to December 31, 2014 

DOAS has identified approximately 5,000 bids that closed prior to December 31, 2014 that continue to maintain a pending status of NOIA, OPEN or UNDER EVALUATION.    In order to allow for a faster and easier search for active bids on the GPR, all bids with a close date on or Before 12-31-2014will be modified to “CLOSED” status.  Should you later need to access a bid that is modified to “CLOSED” status, you may submit a ticket at to re-establish access.  For compliance reviews, any bid within that timeframe with a status of “CLOSED” will reflect that action was not taken to complete the award process in the system.

Follow below directions to get your agency list of bids via GRP:

Login to GPR> Posting Bid Notices and Documents> Bid Processing> Agency Bid Search> (Select date range) > Search

(*System will allow to export the results to excel)