Bid Title Bid Number Bid Closing Date Fiscal Year Bid Status
Programmable Locking Control System Projects GDC-FY2015-2017 2017-06-30 15 Open
Chattahoochee Bend State Park Adventure Cabins DNR-462-492-88224 2017-07-11 17 Open
Cx Services- Dept. of Transportation- Cartersville DOT-089-CxA 2017-06-28 17 Open
Cx Svcs - Memorial Hall Addition & Renovation J-299-CxA 2017-06-29 17 Open
Design-Build Svcs, Georgia Grown Bldg Expansion GDA-040-DB 2017-07-17 17 Open
Evergreen Resort & Stone Mountain Inn Renovations SMMA-001-DB 2017-07-25 17 Open
Fire Alarm System Replacement, Lee State Prison GDC-15-062-LEE-SP 2017-07-25 17 Open
Kitchen Hoods, Freezers and Coolers, Metro SP GDC-124 2017-07-18 17 Open
Replace Fire Alarm Systems, Burruss CTC GDC-17-011-BUR-CTC 2017-07-11 17 Open